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About Me

Chris Cartusciello is a New York based actor and teacher. While his current day job is teaching high school English, Drama & Acting, Film History, and a class in the origins and history of science fiction and horror, his passion has always been performing.

He is also a writer, having completed several screenplays in multiple genres, including comedy, action and historical drama. His experience also includes directing several stage productions which include Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Wait Until Dark.

He continues to keep pursuing his creative interests. A lifelong movie buff, Chris has been studying film history and the film industry ever since he can remember.

Height: 5"6

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Long Island, NY


Reddy to... | 2022

Don "Reddy" Redmond

Son | 2020

Taxi Driver

The Once and Future Smash | 2020

Hotel Concierge/Damn Dirty Ape

Catch of the Day 2 | 2020


Jacobs Obsession | 2019


Cool As Hell 2 | 2019

Camp Counselor Chris

Phoenix Rising | 2018

Mr. X

The Eradicator | 2018

Scott Glenn

Toxic Tutu | 2017

Convention Security

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 | 2014

Graduation Father

Steps From Hell | 1990

Man in Bed

Across The Tracks | 1990

Track Runner 2


Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street | 2023

FBI Agent Steve Garfinkel

History of Hollywood | 2022

Paramount Executive

Dreamer | 2021


A Wilderness of Error | 2021

Freddie Kassab

The Door | 2018

Paulie Ullysano


A Wilderness of Error | 2020

Freddie Kassab

The Door | 2018

Paulie Ullysano

Commercials | 2019



Reddy to... | 2022


Tromeo Found: 25 Years Later | 2021


Tromeo Found: 25 Years Later | 2021



A Wilderness of Error | 2020

Freddie Kassab

The Door | 2018

Paulie Ullysano

Training &

America Academy of Dramatic Arts | Educator's Workshop

The Play That Goes Wrong | Improvisation Seminar

Special Skills

Drama & Acting Teacher (8 years)

Sports (marathon runner, golf, bowling, tennis)

Construction (power and hand tools)

Commercial Driver (school bus)

Director (Frankenstein, Wait Until Dark, The 39 Steps)

Creative Writer (screenplays, treatments)

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