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Reddy to...
Self-Directed Short Film

A disgraced high school coach kidnaps the star player he blames for his downfall. The story unfolds as the coach taunts the player, who he has chained in his basement. After years of brooding and planning, what truths will be revealed and how will it all end?


A Wilderness of Error
FX 5-Part Docu-Drama

Edit of my role as Freddie Kassab in the FX docu-drama A Wilderness of Error, based on the Jeffery MacDonald "Fatal Vision" murders. This five part series was filmed during 2018 - 2019 and aired in September and October of 2020. Directed by Marc Smerling, this show poses the question, did Jeffrey MacDonald really kill his pregnant wife and two daughters on that fateful night in 1970? While the forensics may prove he did, witness testimony, and a botched crime scene, leave doubt as to what the truth really is. The entire show can be seen on Hulu.



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